Saturday, October 29, 2011

Office Project - Post One!

Photo by TJoy71

     The above picture shows the puchases I made yesterday.  The black buffet in the back is already ours, but will probably be moved out.  The table, wire basket, green box, and purple white board thing are from Goodwill.  I had to get a couple things from Home Depot, like the paint, but I bought a nice neutral color that I can certainly use on other projects and some polycrilic.  The shelf is from Target.  There's also a rug in the very background standing up from Home Depot.  It's a cheapie, but I liked the colors. 

Photo by TJoy71

     These are pieces I've already had.  The chairs are from an old dining room set.  It's covered in plastic because they were originally white and I had three very little ones at the time.  I've hung on to them because I've always liked them.  The bench was given to me years ago in exchange for a baby crib.  The wall is one of my favorite things, but I will have to move it down a bit as it will no longer be centered. 

     The plan is to re-arrange some already exisitiing pieces that aren't shown, to paint and tweak that bench, to re-upholster and add cushioning to the back of two of those dining room chairs.  I may not use all the pillows, but the colors are what I'll be working toward.  The table from Goodwill is going to get a paintjob as will the green box and the purple white board.  Not sure what I'm going to do with the wire basket, but I'm sure it can be used. 

     So, it's all coming together.  I did some pretty heavy cleaning around the house today and had hoped to get some sanding done so I could start a bit of painting tomorrow.  However, as usual, some weeds popped up! I had to post about it and put a picture up because you know I love to find the humor in everything. 

     C got his finger smooshed in a door today and I really thought that top joint had gotten broken.  They weren't so sure at the ER either because they did go ahead and get x-rays.  He'll definitely lose the nail, but it should heal just fine.  They did splint it though because it was pretty nasty! 

Photo by TJoy71

Sadly, he is well aware of the fact that it is not polite to put that particular finger in the air.  That said, he's seven, he's a boy, and it's going to be a loooooong week!!  Note my plaque on the wall.  "May the Lord bless and protect you and give you peace."  Lord, please give me peace while he's at school and let not thine principal have to call me!!

All photos by TJoy71 on Flickr.

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