Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Darn Pinterest!!

     You know what I love to do that my husband hates?  I love to go online and look at all the fresh new home decorating ideas!  The rooms are so clean and uncluttered.  No dirty socks or intermittent lego pieces laying around.  If there is a child or an animal in the background, it's well groomed and at least appears to be well behaved.  I want that!  I want an internet image house!  Yes, that's what I want.  When does Santa get to the mall this year anyway?

     I know the idea is to start with one room at a time, but honestly for an adhd'er like myself, they really all run into one giant room and that just becomes a home interior nightmare.  Besides, just as soon as I get an idea, that one gets lost and then comes another.  By the way, I got these really great boots yesterday at TJMaxx, but well, see what I mean!   ............back to the story! 

     So, what's the one room in your house you would most love to do a makeover?  Living room?  Laundry room?  Hmmm..... wonder if I would like laundry better if I liked the room??  Thought to ponder!  And where would you go for inpsiration?

      I thought I would share some blogs I've found with some beautiful REAL homes!  While I'm sure these women consciously picked up the toys before taking the pictures, they truly look like homes we could all live in and were not just snapped for a magazine photo.

By the way, here's my living room.  You did notice the lack of socks and shoes laying around, right?  Go me!!

My House - Once Upon a Clean Day


  1. I seriously can't get enough of Pinterest and it has caused my list of future projects to grow, big time. :)


  2. I know! It's a wonderfully horrible thing!! But so much fun!