Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy Fall Y'all!

Photo by TJoy71
Photo by TJoy71 on Flickr.

     My oh my!  What a nutso week!  The Halloween preps went wonderfully!  We got our Goodwill Scarecrow put together and pumpkins carved without a hitch!  Well, I say without a hitch...............unless you count the bottom portion of this post!  C's finger got smashed in a bedroom door and although the original ER visit said there was no break or fracture, our Tuesday morning follow-up showed a small fracture in the growth plate and it will need to remain splinted for up to two weeks.  It's his dominant hand and, as you can plainly understand, that sort of injury dissallows many functions.  For example: homework, putting away clothes and toys, brushing teeth, etc.  The good news is he is still quite capable of wresting with his brothers, riding a scooter, and tapping everything with the tip of the splint (because it makes a really cool sound!).  So, I'm thinking we will survive.  That same afternoon, the tallest child had the pleasure of getting his second ingrown toenail removed.  Gauze and neosporin can be found in my purse or pocket at all times right now, so if you need any let me know!

     I neglected to mention Monday because I didn't do much of anything.  Why?  Well, because I woke up with a screw sticking half in, half out of my back tire!  Easy fix, just run it in and they'll plug it, right?  Wrong!  It's in the wall of the tire and that means it needs replacing.  Okay, so just pop another one on there, right?  Wrong!  We don't carry that one, but we can order it and it'll be in no later than 1.  Fine!  I pick my kids up at 2:30, so I'll have my friend swing me by, the tire will be on, and I'll be ready to go, right?  Wrong again!  But, you can borrow our beautiful 1847 model mini-van with .3 gallons of gas in it! Thanks!  Big smile, BIG smile!!  I'm really not exaggerating, but I did take it all with a grain of salt.  The tire's now on, I was able to pick the kids up, and thankfully I have amazing friends who are willing to drive my rear end back and forth to my house for such crazy emergencies! During all this chaos, C called because his finger was hurting and our dear, sweet principal did me a huge favor and made my little man all better.  I was so upset because I couldn't do anything for him.  Remember, I was without a car to get anywhere! So, I took the prinicipal a 4-pack of some of the best ever cupcakes the next day! 

     Now, for a not so fun paragraph.  I have found a rather odd lump under my right arm.  I waited a while to see if it went away and it has not.  It's not painful, but it is visible.  Finally, I went in to have a mammogram and they also did a sonogram.  They are saying it does not appear to be a swollen lymph node and the lymph nodes around it all appear to be normal.  There was nothing abnormal in my actual breast that they could see.  However, since they don't know what it is, we will need to do a biopsy.  Whatever it is, it's sitting right on top of my artery, so after discussing it a bit last night, my husband and I have decided we will head over to the Mayo clinic and let them handle that.  This will actually be the third knot I've found.  The first I found when I was 25 and it turned out to be nothing to worry about, was removed and forgotten about.  The second was a swollen milk duct, so also no biggee.  Now that I'm 40, I'm not feeling so confindent in all this.  It'll be good to have it over and done with.  So, if you are in the habit of praying, I would sure appreciate it if you would send some blessings my way. 

    On the frighteningly cheerful side of life, however, I had the pleasure of haunting the neighborhood with some rather ghoulish monsters and one rather handsome and goodly spirited Robin Hood.  We spend our Halloweens with some dear friends and have chili, pizza, and yummy treats.  We've been doing this for 8 years now and have added a couple other familes as well.  We look forward to it every year and have all vowed to continue even after the youngest gets too old to trick-or-treat.  We just have so much fun! And besides, Tami, whose head appears to be floating over the shoulder of one of my ghouls, makes amazing chili!! 

     I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and now it's time to be Thankful!  Many blessing y'all!!

Happy Halloween! by TJoy71
Photo by TJoy71 on Flickr.

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  1. Joy I'm 40 too! I have had so many nails in my tires that I wonder if someone is doing it on purpose. lol Discount Tires fixes them for free! I hope all turns out well with the biopsy! It does look like you had a fun Halloween though! :)