Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Favorite Laundry Tip!

*Sorting - Even Freddy Krueger has nightmares!
(A little cheesy Halloween humor - I can't help myself.)
Photo by TJoy71
Photo, a photo by TJoy71 on Flickr.

     If you read long enough, you will learn a few things about me. 

*I have four kids.
*My kids are pigs - cute pigs, but pigs indeed!
*I have twins (they wear the same size!)
*I despise laundry.
*Socks are my nemesis!

     A very dear friend once read this tip in a magazine and passed it on to me.  Unfortunately, it was so many years ago I can't remember which one, but I would like to send a blessing out to the author and I have faith that the Good Lord knows who she is and will one day introduce her to me so I can give her a big ol' hug!
     If you will notice in the picture above, there are dots on each sock.  Each dot represents a child.  The oldest has one dot, the twin who is just slightly larger has two, and so on.  I actually have these on ALL items of clothing for the boys.  EVERYTHING!  Even underwear!  Now, when I'm doing laundry, I don't have to sort for sizes or ask around, "Who's shirt is this?"  It's in relatively the same place on each type of item.  Yes, initially it took some time, but now as I buy clothes, I just grab my sharpie and start dotting away. 
     "Wouldn't initials work just as well?" you ask!  Well, yes and no.  All my children do have different initials so that's all well and good, but this way all I have to do is add a dot as they outgrow the items.  So, when the items are passed down, I don't have a marked out R, a marked out  D, then maybe an M, and truly it would take a miracle for an item to make it all the way to the C!  You see  my point though, right?  Just simply add the dots!
     It's easy for me to sort, easy for the kids to sort, and even easy for the dad!!  Who knew??!!

     I would also like to point out another great benefit to this technique.  When I find a sock laying around, let's say in the hall or on the dining room table, maybe even the fridge.  It's possible, trust me!!  Well, I simply have to check the dots and I know who my culprit is!  For some reason, it's usually the same one.  I won't call out any names, NUMBER 2!!!  You know who you are!

Photo by TJoy71
Just to give a general idea of where I place my dots on different items.  It should be in an area easy for you to see as you're folding and sorting. 

     Once I've folded the laundry, I create piles on the coffee table.   When the boys get home from school, I have them simply put away their pile.  It's in order of age, so they know right where to look.  It's the little things that make chores easier. 

I hope this helps somebody out there in Bloggerville!  What are your laundry tips?  Do you have your kids help around the house and if so, what's your trick?  Comment back, I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. Wandered over from BlogFrog ...

    What a terrific idea, especially as it allows for updates as items are passed along to younger sons.

    I had it easier: My DH and his three youngest all wore different style socks. It ended up being a god-send, when the boys got older and all of the socks were the same size.

  2. GENIUS!!!!!
    My solution for the guys in my family, DH included... I dump all the guys' socks in one big pile and tell them to figure it out.


  3. Dina, I agree! Socks do seem to be everywhere, unless you happen to be looking for them!

  4. JMarkAfghans Thanks so much for checking out my blog. We go through so many socks I could never keep up!

  5. Karen, I like your method as well!!