Friday, October 28, 2011

Hi!  I'm Joy, I'm a hoarder!

No, not really!  I could never do that.  I'm a throw-away-er, but right  now, my house kinda looks like I might be!  My dear, sweet, wonderful husband is well aware of that fact.  He is also well aware of the fact that for some reason, around this time of the year, my head gets overfilled with "Project Iwanttodo".  It usually involves every single room in the house in one way or another.  The problem is, I rarely see a room through to the finish.  Ugh!  So exasperating!  Frustrating! So.............

I, Joy (In the Weeds!) do hereby solemnly swear to:

     *Choose one room at a time.
     *Form a plan (time, money, and projects involved).
     *Allow 2 weeks for completion.
     *Post at least twice during process and once at completion. 

During that time, I promise to keep up the housework and not allow myself to stray to any other projects.  If I get "bright ideas" that is what Pinterest is for!  Remember that! 

Alright, if you read this, please feel free to hound me, berate me, check in on me to keep me going.  I need  it.  Because my husband is well aware of my "issues", he is more than happy to spend this time of year hunting!  Which is probably best.  He can't squish my genius plans that way, can he??!!    That also means I will be here with the boys alone much of the time.  WooHoo!!

First room: My office / boys game room.  *Plan coming soon!  Check back late this afternoon or evening for that and hopefully some pictures.  For now, I'm off to straighten the house a bit, and get ready to party down with some second graders! 

By the way, this adorable kid said to me, "The party's going to be great.  Do you know why?"  I didn't?  "Because you're coming!"  Oh my goodness!!!  That is such a wonderful thing to hear in the morning!!  Right?  Sure..............IF he hadn't kept talking!  "Cuz' you're bringing the trail mix and lemonade!!"  Oh!   The lemonade, by the way, is in the form of Capri Sun!  Yuck! Think he'll mind if I stay after I pass it out??

Photo by TJoy71

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